How does a homeless man spend $100?

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Guy gives homeless man $100 to see how he spends it

What happens when a homeless man gets a huge amount of cash?

Youtuber Josh Paler decided to do a little experiment to see how a homeless man would spend $100. Josh stopped a man named Thomas on the side of a highway to offer him the cash. Thomas was so taken aback with the kind gesture that he began to tear up, and then hugged Josh.

Cameras then secretly followed Thomas to see how he spent the money. And the results were quite surprising.

Our hearts sank when he first entered a liquor store. But when he came back out with food to share with fellow patrons in the park, our faith in humanity was restored. Because even though it's only one example, it shows how the people with the least can still find it in their hearts to share what they have.  
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