The most right-swiped names on Tinder for 2016 are…

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Tinder 2016

What’s in a name? …A lot, apparently

Maybe you’re done with romance for 2016 and come NYE you just want to cuddle a mate, or kiss a bottle of Moet, or a few strangers, or to do all three. 


Or perhaps your looking for love and are hoping that you can start 2017 with a new (fine AF) partner in crime by your side? (If this is you, you may want to pay attention to this next bit.)


Whatever your schtick, romance is on the minds of many at the moment, including the folk at Tinder (obvs). The dating app has released a list of the top 10 male and female names on the app this year. I.e. the names that pulled most in 2016, because, you know, science and competitiveness… 

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And here we go… 

The 10 most sought-after female names were:

1. Hannah

2. Emma

3. Lauren

4. Julia

5. Emily

6. Rachel

7. Samantha

8. Katie

9. Anna

10. Sara

The 10 most date-worthy male names were:

1. Lucas

2. Ryan

3. Matthew

4. Nick

5. Josh

6. Brandon

7. Justin

8. Ben

9. Adam

10. Andrew

If your name is Hannah or Lucas and you’re looking for luuurve we’d download Tinder, like, now.

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo

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