The new iOS update has extra sassy emojis

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Struggling to express yourself with the eggplant emoji? Over-using that yellow face with the face mask on it? Never fear - iOS has expanded to cover a range of emotions as varied as life itself.

Apple released a developer preview of iOS 10.2 beta overnight, and their new suite of emojis do not disappoint.

The standouts for us are the new “face palm” and “shrug” emojis, which we’ll definitely have daily use for.

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Also on the menu is a “selfie” emoji, a pregnant lady emoji, and female pilots, judges, farmers and firefighters. Yassss!


We’re getting an avocado emoji, as well as a butterfly, croissant, bacon, fox, a “fingers crossed” emoji, “drooling” emoji and even a ROFL:


Some old faves have been redesigned too - here’s a helpful video to showcase the fancy new pixels:

No word on the official release date for these tiny digital gifts - so until then, we’ll have to learn to communicate using our words, kind deeds, and the muscle emoji.

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Images | Apple
Written By Hayley