Now you can tuck your mobile phone into a real-life charging ‘bed’

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Phone Bed

Struggling to sleep because your smartphone is your best bedmate? Look no further - here’s how to kiss your gadget goodnight and get some shut-eye yourself.

Meet The Phone Bed Charging Station - a bed you can literally tuck your phone into at night - and resist night-time Facebook temptation.


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It’s made by Thrive Global - the new start-up from Arianna Huffington, costs US$100, and is designed to make you psychologically leave your phone in bed before you hop into yours.

“By giving our phones their own bed - outside our bedroom - we can say goodnight to our day and get the sleep we need to wake up fully recharged. And to show children how to have a healthy relationship with technology, there's room in the bed for the whole family's devices.”

For those balking at the price tag - it comes in mahogany and poplar, features a satin-covered mattress for your phone’s luxurious slumber, is made of velvet-lined, solid wood, and features a microfiber blanket to clean screens with. La-di-da!

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Written By Hayley