Is this proof that Australia has its very own Loch Ness monster?

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Lochness monster

People are FREAKING OUT over this photo!

Reddit user Shenko-Wolf shared the below picture to the social network where it quickly drew quite a lot of attention.

The image apparently shows some kind of highly unusual creature poking it’s head out of the water in a river in the Aussie outback. 

Australian Loch Ness monster

Inevitably then, comparisons were made to the elusive “Nessie” water creature that is said to lurk beneath the waters of the Scottish Loch Ness. 

Lochness monsterBefore anyone could get too carried away with conspiracy theories though, someone then uploaded THIS pic, which seems to suggest that the “strange creature” in the water could in fact just be three emus crossing a river.

EmuIt’s not the first time that an apparent Lochness-like creature has been spotted downunder either. The internet was whipped into a frenzy when Google Streetview apparently captured an image of what appeared to be a VERY Nessie style creature on the side of National Highway One in northern South Australia.

Lochness monster

It has been exposed as a hilarious ruse from one of the 50 residents in the nearby town of Lochiel though:Lochness monster

Australia might not be great at sustaining conspiracy theories, but we sure do love a good prank! 

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Written By Genevieve Dwyer