Casanovas @CBD & Newfarm 16.04.2018

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Casanovas @CBD & Newfarm 16.04.2018

Casanovas Rob and Tait hit the streets of Brisbane today. They went to Flight Center on Queens street and handed out some awesome prizes and spread the word of their incredible new flights deal to Europe for $999 return!!! Check out what else they got up too!

Check out who they saw!

Written By Angela Stoneman
Casanovas @West End, Hawthorn & Cannon Hill 18.04.2018

Casanovas Robdog and Jackattack hit the streets of brissy handing out some awesome stickers and posters! 

Casanovas @Wynnum, Wellington Point & Cleveland 5/04/18

Casanovas Rob and Nat hit the streets of brisbane today and bumped into some of brisbanes finest. We had some of the most delicious giveaways and some burnaid to look after that burn after the hot day in the sun. 

The Casanovas ventured to Toowong and Kenmore and gave out grainwaves and sunscreen to our lovely listeners!