Competition Winners

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Fitzy & Wippa’s Traffic Dating - Skoda

J. Gately

K. Ball

N. Jones

L. Piper

K. Cassar

Z. Hale

I. Henry

C. Johnson

Fitzy & Wippa’s Last Fan Standing – Ariana Grande

S. Cross

Chrissie, Sam & Browny’s Head Chef

J .Nutt

L. Konzag

L. Rayner

B. Mitchell

S. Bowles

Chrissie, Sam & Browny’s Keep up the Momentum

S. Tweedie

S. Melita

C. Danks

P. Clark

B. Thompson

Chrissie, Sam & Browny’s Pick ‘Em Up

C. Colee

K. Marshall

J. Day

J. Knight


A. Campbell

T. Tassone

B. Zappia

L. Green

C. Brown

K. Stanley

Smallzy's Cash Call

L. McNeil

A. Blake

Fitzy & Wippa’s Last Man Standing – Tiger Air

R. Reuveny

G. Coffey

J. Dale

E. Scacchetti

J. Kain

Fitzy & Wippa’s Last Man Standing – Qantas

S. Ha

J. Maquinad

M. Chappell

J. Emmi

M. King

Fitzy & Wippa’s Wheel of Wishes – Bing Lee

N. Day

M. Murray

K. Brandon

K. Ainsley

A. L. Ruiz

Fitzy & Wippa’s Kickstart to Summer Party

K. Cooper

Summer Breaky with Matt, Sarah & Matty J - Christopher Hanna

B. Long

Wheel of Games Winners:

S. Scriva

M. Anderson

T. Vears

S. Austin

S. Cleveley

C. Cleland Fuller

R. Bloffwitch

J. Flarvel

C. Formato

A. Evangelou

S. Evens

C. Williams

PostCode Payday Winners:

J. Belperio

K. Murphy

M. Gamlen

M. McCallum

C. Tumicz

A. Aritzis

V. Dimitriou

M. Hachem

D. Gourd

J. McGlashan

B. McDowall

C. Round

M. Fernholz

B. Lamont

K. Borlace

R. Mario – Ring

N. Cream

C. Millar

J. Greenhalgh

B. Robbins

M. Stuart

S. Maur

D. Calderisi

M. Simone

A. Weston

A. Garner

S. Campbell

E. Semmens

K. Depalma

C. Davidson

S. Nicholson-Brass

A. Zanker

K. Green

K. Baumgurtel

Smallzy's Robin Hood Giveaway! YOUR chance to win $1,000!

S. Morrison

L. Pike

R. Anthony

B. Glegg

M. Scholten

Keno Fun Money Frenzy

N. Testa

B. Thompson

E. Skeoch

M. Hardy

S. Borman

N. Mulholland

S. Eckersley

C. Smith

P. Williamson

R. Silburn

R. Russell

P. Dickinson

M. Mitchell

Nova In The Park

S King

Chrissie, Sam & Browny’s Words of Wisdom

Leanne N


E. Brooke (QLD)

Smallzy's request your favourite song to win:

S. R. Buchecker

Ed Sheeran’s Million Dollar Call winner

P. Crabtree

Chrissie, Sam & Browny’s Wait For Us!

E. Holden

Smallzy’s got your Starlink-Starter Packs PLUS a Nintendo Switch:

J. Symons

K. Ramsay

J. Ren

J. MacDonald

Z. Sevastas

Ruel Wants To Give You Fuel

K. Badger (VIC)

T. Hardwick

S. Hall

R. Whitting

L. Hawkins

J. Barnes

P. Aliendi

M. Thiele

Fitzy & Wippa – The Block Monopoly

A. Hallet

Chrissie, Sam & Browny's $5k Spray

B. Russell

Chrissie, Sam & Browny's Cash Kick

J. Rowe

P. Gallagher

A. Griffiths

Chrissie, Sam & Browny's Money or the Mazda

S. Harrison

K. Grover

J. Ormsby

C. Matty

Fitzy & Wippa Wake up Amazing – five:am Organic Yoghurt

J. Newton

M. Morhi

C. Weaver

B. Bonanno

S. Porter

Fitzy & Wippa’s Holiday House

C. Darby

S. Dawson

A. Van Veen

Smallzy’s Booty Call

M. Rolph

K. Chalmers

J. Blyth

D. Jofre

Smallzy's Phone Tag

M. Hopkins

C. Brown

C. Schuhmacher

R. Woodley

L. Rosato

C. Dennehy

M. Kamolins

J. Kelly

M. Delaney

B. Heard

S. Papaioannou

S. Mchardy

Smallzy's Real or Fake

J. Roberts

Smallzy's Truth or Dare

Beatrice T

Alexandra M

Taylor P

Smallzy's Cash Blockers

Z. Foote

A. Mccutcheon

J. Tour

M. Mondeddu

F. O'Connell

Fitzy & Wippa's Last Man Standing (Tourism WA)

D. Ridley

D. Alvaro

S. Hayes

A. Hayes

M. Brown

Clarendon Homes 'Hamptons Garden Party' Cash Giveaway

D. Serretta

Smallzy's Game Night

O. Martin (SA)

Fitzy & Wippa’s Mystery Box

J. Maquinad

A. Jenkins

C. Wong

S. Tucker

R. Whitting

Fitzy & Wippa’s Who's Boiled Over

E. Clohessy

R. Edwards

D. Henry

V. Colacicco

C. Darby

Fitzy & Wippa’s Last Aussie Standing

J. Brodie

G. Vinko

A. Kawash

C. Zoumas

Fitzy & Wippa’s People’s Court

C. Atherton

A. Winsloe

J. Millar

D. Davy-Thorburn

Fitzy & Wippa’s 6:15 Vending Machine

V. Blower

J. Rendall

Smallzy's Request Your Favourite Song to Win 

A. Tull-Boyle

B. Mclarty

T. Mathers

I. Popovic

M. King

A. Beard

O. McMaugh

S. Whittaker

S. Dawe

C. Rust

M. Bright

G. Rawlings

D. Abagi

T. Powell

D. Shaw

J. Norman

G. Edwards

A. Saint

A. Emerson 

P. Toma

A. Pellizzari

N. Cerne 

K. Ellis

L. Bourke

M. Feng

L. McKimm

M. King

M. Curtis

M. McCarthy

B. Guest

K. Bos

J. Stevens


L. Stark (NSW)

H. Brown (NSW)

K. Badger (VIC)

E. Miles (VIC) 

Stacee-Ann (WA) 

M. Sari

M. Woodcroft

B. McLaughlin

K. Holmes

T. Tobin

E. Baker

M. Hillman

M. Hasick

K. Hart

J. O'Donnell

S. Horswood

E. Robb

J. Martin

I. Borg

B. Rigby

A. Profenna

N. Raftopoulos

O. Mandla

L. Carmichael 

E. Gagliardi

A. Marshall

T. Willets

B. Maher

L. Piplios

S. Williams

K. Skew

A. Marshall

B. Callaghan

S. Shead