ABC Accidentally Aired The Wrong Show And Fans Are Not Happy

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"They're playing the wrong one."

It's the ABC show fans spend their whole week waiting for, but this week's episode of Mad As Hell had viewers thinking they had déjà vu.

But it wasn't déjà vu, the fans had in fact seen the episode before.

ABC programming dropped the ball a little and aired the wrong episode this week leaving fans and presenter Shaun Micallef mad... as hell.

On the other hand, Mad As Hell is trending more than Masterchef, so there's a plus for the ABC.

Shaun's comments weren't as light-hearted as his fans'. 

After the episode had aired Shaun touched base with his fans reassuring them he was not going crazy and the ABC confirmed it was the wrong episode.

CEO David Mott of ITV Studios Australia told TV Tonight ABC was looking into the mistake and thinks we should just enjoy the rerun of a great show - you're not wrong there Dave.

"Meanwhile we’re enjoying a lovely encore of last week’s episode.

"I look forward to seeing the new one soon."

Image: Instagram / @madashelltv


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Written By Christina Cavaleri