Ali hints that her Bachelorette romance with Taite may be over

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Oh dear...

After murmurs about Ali and Taite strugging to hold onto their Bachelorette fame and Taite reportedly feeling "trapped and miserable" in the relationship, it appears that their relationship may have finally run its course.

In a new Instagram post yesterday, Ali shared one of those clichéd "stare off into the distance" photos of herself while at some super-fancy holiday house. 

While the lack of Taite wasn't enough to raise red flags, the caption she wrote certainly did: 

"Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart & strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined. Literally felt like I was on top of the world #chasingdreams #standstrong #strongwomen #skyhigh #healthymind #focus #skyhighmountfranklin"

#Strongwomen tag? The lack of Taite? Hmmm...

But before we could dive too deeply into this, Ali has since shared a new Instagram post.

While this new one is also one of her rocking it solo, she DID gush all over Taite in the caption: 

"You make me see so much more beauty & make me feel so much more deeply 💚 [Taite Radley] 

"You make me feel like a magical fairy in a butterfly garden! So lost & so found! 

"#bestfriend #lover #myworld🌎 #connectedspirits"

But when you couple that with Ali's new slew of solo Insta stories, this new post seems less "we're super happy!" and more "quick, damage control!" 

This certainly won't help to dispel rumours that Ali and Taite are faking their relationship, that's for sure.

As for Taite? Well he is apparently in Melbourne and hanging out with his mate's newborn baby.

Hey, maybe he and Ali still live in different cities or something. All we're saying is, we have no idea what their situation is right now!

Well until we get official confirmation from the couple, the only thing we can really do is speculate endlessly based on their Instagram posts.

Image credit: Ali Oetjen/Instagram


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Written By Alexander Pan