Alleged leaked email reveal Ali and Taite struggling to remain famous after Bachelorette

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After rumours came up last week that Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley were merely faking their Bachelorette romance, it appears that the couple have got other things on their minds to worry about than stuff like Taite cozying up to women who aren't Ali.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Ali and Taite are reportedly struggling to keep their 15 minutes of fame alive and are in the process of finding new talent manager to represent them.

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The publication also shared what is allegedly a leaked email sent from Taite to a "high-profile manager" asking about representing himself and Ali.

Here's a snippet of what was written in the alleged email:

"My partner Ali and I just got back from a recent trip to North Queensland's (sic) where we explored some of the best locations that Cairns has to offer.

"Being both into Heath (sic) and fitness, we're looking at getting some good management to help strengthen our brand."

Now we can't show you the email because of reasons but if you want to have a look at the alleged leaked email, spelling mistakes and all, check it out right here.

The Daily Telegraph also reports that the agent who received the alleged email (and requested to remain anonymous) wasn't particularly impressed, noting that they were "shocked" at the "poorly worded inquiry" and the "spelling mistakes".

It is further reported that Channel 10 no longer managed the Bachelorette couple's media interests.

Ali and Taite were contacted by the publication for comment but received no response at the time of writing.

Image: Ali Oetjen/Instagram


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