American Teens Are Roasting H2O Just Add Water And How Dare They

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H2O Just Add Water is a national treasure, I tell you, and anyone who pokes fun at the masterpiece deserves to be damned to the watery depths of Mako Island forever. 

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Well, Mako is about to get hella overcrowded because American teens have just discovered the television series and are roasting it to no end on TikTok. 

The clips feature water being spilt, complete mermaid panic, and lots of yelling of “Kleeyoh” in a butchered Australian accent.

I’m ashamed to say I laughed out loud at most of these. 

Just because Australian daytime television is 1000x better than American daytime television (who watches Judge Judy anyway?), and just because our teen dramas are 1000x better than theirs (who the hell watches Degrassi, anyway?), does not give these people a right to insult our way of life. 

The accents are out of control and I take personal offence. 

One TikTok user has a message on behalf of all Australian millennials:

Images: H2O Just Add Water / Network 10, Giphy / Giphy. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi

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