Ariana Grande slams trolls who claim she's "milking" Mac Miller's death

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Just no.

In today's 'This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things' news, Twitter trolls have hit out hard at Ariana Grande for posting a tribute to Mac Miller.

The 25-year-old singer was forced to hit back after followers wrote, "she milkin this s**t bro" and "Ariana let it go... Mourn it behind closed doors. Stop milkin' it when you wasn't even there when he was at his lowest right before it happened."

Ariana's Tribute on via Instagram Story.

Ariana responded to the tweets saying: "some of the sh*t i read on here makes me sick to my stomach. it scares me the way some people think and i don't like this world a lot of the time. if only we could be more compassionate and gentle with one another. that'd be sick."

Thankfully, followers - famous and non-alike - also jumped to Ariana’s defence.

Halsey tweeted:

Mac Miller sadly died from an accidental drug overdose on September 7th of this year. He and Ariana had dated for sometime before they called it quits and she famously got engaged to Pete Davidson from SNL.

Remember fam, play nice on the Internet.

Image: Instagram / Ariana Grande


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Written By Ally Parker