The Bachelorette's Ciarran Is Unrecognisable In Old Pics

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Who dat?

During Wednesday night's The Bachelorette we learned a fair few things about the contestants vying for Angie's heart.

We learned the Instagram handle of Ryan aka @aussiedogguy, we learned about some no-show named Mitch and we learned Ciarran - the self-described "love child" of Fabio and the Malfoys - hasn't always looked like the suave gentleman he is now.

After casually telling Angie he used to dance nude in gay bars, Ciarran revealed he'd had a 'nose job'.

Catch up on the latest Fitzy & Wippa podcast (post continues):

Since then, we've some digging and found photos of Ciarran back before his rhinoplasty and with short, non-Fabio hair.

And, yes, we say this a bit, but boy oh boy did we truly not recognise him in these:

Image: Instagram / Ciarran Stott

Image: Instagram / Ciarran Stott

It's a very different look from the long, light hair, coloured suits and deep 'V's we've come to know Ciarran as rockin' on TV.

Ciarran has also managed to win the heart of Twitter (not an easy feat by any stretch) with many users surprised by their own preference for the long-haired Brit:

Image: Instagram / Ciarran Stott

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Written By Ally Parker