The Bachie Final Four Has Been Revealed And We're Honestly Shook

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Hometown visits on The Bachelor are a hot minute away and we're practically vibrating off our seats with anticipation. 

Seriously, parents grilling Bachie about his intentions while he is group dating a bunch of girls en masse? Always good TV.

But if you were gearing up to see your faves make the final four - thus scoring a hometown date - you might be disappointed.

'Cause one familiar face appears to be missing.

WHO Magazine has shared some exclusive pics of the final four showing Matt around their hometowns. But Elly, our beautiful 'bloody' Elly, is missing.

The images - again exclusive, you can peep them here - show Abbie and Matt enjoying a PDA-filled beach picnic in Queensland, Emma and Matt having, oh yup, that's another PDA-filled beach picnic and... wow, would you look at that Helena also appears to have scored a beach picnic (jury’s out but all signs point to maybe).

It's Chelsie - who is the number one seed on Sportsbet and an obviously good match - who apparently gets more than sand in her toes. Pictures show the pair leaving dinner with her parents.

The reveal comes after Abbie told TV Week about a group date that made her world "crash":

"We were crying the whole way home," she told the publication.

"My feelings for Matt are so strong that I was upset. Chelsie had to cuddle me while I cried myself to sleep that night in bed. Helena was laughing at me because I was crying so hard my fake tan came off – I was sobbing!"

You can read more here.

Meanwhile, we’re going to go see if we can bribe someone to switch in the work Bachie sweep. BRB.

Written By Ally Parker