Bachie Matt Agnew Reportedly The First To Have Sex On Set

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Randy Bachelor.

We're two episodes into this season's Bachie and, cards on the table, we're already hooked.

With a self-confessed villain (Rachael) and promos showing drama aplenty; who could say no?

And a new extended trailer has only stoked this obsession further 'cause Matt plays tonsil tennis with at around 17 ladies.

And that's not all. New Idea report that Matt is the first in Aussie Bach history to engage in sexual intercourse during filming.

A source allegedly told the magazine: "We're told the astrophysicist even beds one of them and it's not the woman he ends up picking at the final rose ceremony!"

P.S. "beds one of them" is perhaps the worst phrasing possible but mmkay.

The rules for The Bachelor and Bachelorette are unclear, but it's understood that Bachelor in Paradise contestants are permitted to have protected sex after giving "verbal consent" to a producer.

This is, of course, very different from the American franchise where sex is considered the norm.

For example, this year's Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, boasted on the show about having woohoo multiple times in a windmill with a male contestant.

Nova has reached out to Channel Ten for comment.

Image: The Bachelor / YouTube

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Written By Ally Parker