Bachie Matt Agnew's REAL Job Revealed

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What's the truth?

This year's Bachie has a very distinct selling point: astrophysics. 

It's a mouthful to say, no one is 100 per cent sure what it means, and yet it's instantly memorable.

Bachie = astrophysicist.

But despite the starry background, the many, many promos listing astrophysics as Matt's profession, the 31-year-old actually works in data analysis.

The Sydney Morning Herald report this year's Bachie is employed by data analytics company Quantium, but has been working at the National Australia Bank for three months on secondment. Quantium is listed as Matt’s current place of work, with “Analyst at Quantium” as his job title on LinkedIn. Fun fact: Matt’s LinkedIn also details his past career (three years) as a mechanical engineer.

Conversely, Swinburne University in Melbourne lists Matt as a member of the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing staff. This staff bio explains that he is studying his PhD:

"The core goal of my PhD is to use numerical techniques to search for dynamically stable planet candidates in the habitable zones of all known multiple planet systems," his bio reads.

So what have we learned?

The Bachie is very smart.

And apparently, to be an astrophysicist, you don’t need to be employed full time as one? 

Channel Ten has supplied Nova with the below comment from Matt:

“Like anyone wishing to advance in their career, I've taken a job that will give me an extra skillset, hopefully leading to the space exploration side of space down the track. I ultimately plan on using my mechanical engineering, astrophysics, and data science background to find solutions to the goals outlined by the newly minted and growing Australian Space Agency, or the burgeoning private space sector.

"Machine learning and artificial intelligence is a skill set I've been interested in developing for some time. It's a broadly applicable skill set based in an enormous breadth of industries, including banking.”

Image: The Bachelor / Channel 10

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Written By Ally Parker