Bachie Villain Rachael Accuses Producers Of Taking Plan B 'Out Of Context'

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Oh damn...

Bachie villain Rachael Arahill has officially been booted from the series after supposedly giving her 'plan B' - a crew member - her number.

The personal trainer, 23, was adamant on the show that it was "a joke" and has now hit out telling Confidential it was "taken out of context."

"I never actually gave him my number, that was taken out of context.' 

"I called him hot a few times, but I was never going to pursue it. The guy has a girlfriend."

Rachael also uploaded a defiant caption to her Instagram writing:

"Watch me defy all odds by “giving my plan b my number” when I was being held upstairs in the makeup room and he was on a RDO! 7.30pm tonight, the @thebachelorau on @channel10au ... KEEN!"

Rachael has caused even more headlines after she was spotted kissing fellow contestant Vakoo Kauapirura at a Sydney cafe.

“I was there to see how the experience went and obviously didn’t know who the Bachelor was going to be,” Arahill said. “I went on to see if Matt was for me and he was not," she told Confidential adding that she has "never been in a relationship with a girl" and that she and Vakoo were "just testing the waters."

“I couldn’t really care less about him [Matt] to be honest. I wish him well," she added.

Image: Instagram / Rachael Arahill

Written By Ally Parker


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