Bree Amer-Wilkes reveals she suffered a stillbirth after a doctor dismissed her symptoms

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Bree Amer Wilkes

This is heartbreaking. 

Former Big Brother star Bree Amer-Wilkes has spoken to Daily Mail about being turned away by her obstetrician after noticing her unborn baby's movements were slowing down and her bump hadn't been growing after 30 weeks.

It was the morning of April 12, 2015 when Bree decided to go to the hospital after not feeling her unborn son, Archie, move during her baby shower. She was 37 weeks along, it was only then that a midwife found Archie didn't have a heartbeat. 

“You world just crumbles… it’s your worse nightmare. All your hopes and dreams you had for this little person just comes crashing down.

“They found my placenta was filled with blood clots so it stopped all the nutrients and the good stuff getting to him basically - so he stopped growing pretty much.

“The hardest part to deal with was knowing Archie's death was completely preventable - I had all the warning signs but they were all ignored.”

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Archie was Bree and her husband Evan's first child and they were very much looking forward to welcoming him into their lives.

"We were over the moon, everything happened relatively easy for us, we got pregnant quickly. Being our first child, we were excited."

"I remember literally eyeing off every baby shop, we decorated his nursery room. Archie was going to be the first grandchild in my family."

Bree, who is now mother to nine-month-old son Hunter, explained that when she told the obstetrician she was worried her bump hadn't grown much since the 30-week mark, she was told she was a "good size". 

"I noticed I was not getting any bigger. I had a lot of people commenting on how small I looked... I thought maybe I was tall or had a long torso. When I expressed my concerns to the doctor, he assured me I was a good size." 

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The former reality star then felt a "dramatic change in Archie's movements" at 37 weeks and was sent on her way by the doctor who said everything was "fine". 

"As soon as I opened my eyes, I just knew something wasn't right. I knew in my gut he was gone. I felt sick. When I moved, I didn't feel him move."

When the obstetrician finally delivered the heartbreaking news, the next step was the realisation she would have to give birth to the baby. 

“When Archie was born, he was silent, he didn't cry. And then you can hear the healthy babies around you crying, it's just tragic.

“He was just perfect. And you look at him like any new parent looks at their child and you're proud of him. He was this perfect little bundle.

“This just makes it harder to deal with because there was nothing wrong with him.”

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Hunter was welcomed into the world two years later, but Bree says pregnancy won't ever be the same or as "exciting as the first because you'll always be filled with terror". Also adding that Hunter's cries after his birth were the best sounds ever. 

Now, the couple is trying to make sure this doesn't happen to any other families by telling their story and raising awareness for Stillbirth Foundation

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