Brooke Blurton Of BIP Cops Backlash For New Romance, And What?

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Well, this is unexpected.

As many of you will be aware, sweet little angel face Brooke Blurton of Bachelor in Paradise has a new man. Cute! 

What you might not be aware of, however, is that apparently, she's dealt with some nasty comments as a result of said boyfriend and the fact that she's dated both men and women in the past. 

As has highlighted, the reality TV star commented on her experience in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph

“I have been called a fake lesbian quite often," she told the publication. 

"...people say I pick and choose whether I am going to be with men or women depending on the circumstance,” she continued.

The 24-year-old youth worker and Aboriginal mental health first aid instructor hit back at the suggestion any part of her sexuality might be 'fake':

“I have genuinely had two girlfriends in my life and I was with both of them for a substantial amount of time and I have also been with men. But I don’t put myself in the bisexual box," she said. 

“I knew I was attracted to women from quite a young age. I didn’t have a coming-out party but I have always been very open with my family and friends.” 

While it's ridiculous that Blurton even needs to explain her sexuality at all, it's great to see a public figure own their orientation so proudly - as she should - in the face of criticism. 

How about people try being happy for this woman who has found a great partner? Is that really so hard?

Image: Instagram

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo