Domino’s Is Giving Away A Year’s Worth Of Free Pizza

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This is your time to shine. 

Free pizza anyone?

Obviously you said yes because of two reasons:

  1. Free stuff is the best.

Well, it’s your lucky day because Domino's is giving away free pizza for an entire year.

We're coming to the tail end of the year now which means Christmas parties, drinks, presents, food and a whole lot of cash flying out of our wallets instead of in. So free pizza to carry us through would  be a great help. 

So what do you need to know? 

Domino’s is giving four Domino’s VIP Card worth $5,000 to four Aussie pizza lovers.

To get your mitts on one of the vouchers,  Domino's want to see the most "epic place" you've enjoyed a slice of pizza. 

We're all fans of the 'Gram so this shouldn't be too hard.

Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight said the $20,000 giveaway was the biggest the Company had ever delivered:

"Whether that be climbing the Harbour Bridge, jumping out of a plane, soaring high in a hot air balloon, dancing at a festival, or simply watching the sun set on another day – we want to see how pizza was included."

Time to get some inspiration. And some pizza - we’re suddenly hungry. 

To enter, simply submit a photo of you and your mates enjoying pizza in an EPIC location via

Competition ends 12 November 2019, T&C’s apply.

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Written By Christina Cavaleri

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