Eminem's Daughter Hailie Is Unrecognisable As A Grown-Up Influencer

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She's Slim's baby, the real Slim's baby...

It seems like only yesterday that Eminem was rapping about his cheating partner and beautiful daughter in ‘Hailie’s Song’ but it was actually 17 years ago in 2002.

A lot can happen in 17 years.

Eminem has released six more albums, Britney Spears went from the peak of her fame to bald public breakdown territory to Instagram mum, and Kim Kardashian is famous for a lot more than just her sex tape.

And Eminem’s daughter Hailie – yes, the one in the rap – has grown up. She’s 23 now (YEP) which is above the legal drinking age in Australia and The States. She’s also an Instagram influencer because that’s what all the kids seem to be doing these days.

Hailie Jade, bless her, seems pretty self-aware. I mean, despite a feed full of perfectly photographed, perfectly filtered pics of herself.

“Attempting to curate a feed that accurately represents my life and is somehow still aesthetically pleasing,” her Insta bio reads.

Her feed simultaneously gives away so much and yet nothing about her life. She’s got two shiba inu pups, loves coffee, goes to the gym a lot and loves a mirror selfie.

Is she in touch with her dad? Who the hell knows.

Does she have any hobbies other than being followed by a personal photographer all day every day? No idea.

What does she like to eat? Beats me. The only food photo I could find on her entire grid was of a burger but, apart from that, the girl seems to live off air, denim and ice coffee.

An Eminem song about a 20-something-year-old white girl who wears crops with gold chains and poses with her hands would be a bit off brand…but I want it to happen all the same.

‘Hailie’s Song’ 2.0 please and thanks.


Written By Brynn Davies

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