Everyone's Talking About This Leaked Footage Of Jessika And Mick From MAFS

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This is insanely awkward. 

Well, hello Married At First Sight fans!

The latest update from this ridiculous little world is that some unedited footage of one of the season's commitment ceremonies has been leaked. And oh man, is it uncomfortable viewing. 

The clip is from the infamous episode in which Jessika Power and Dan Webb revealed they were having an "affair". 

"I came into this experiment wanting to find somebody I can build a life with," Jessika says in the clip. 

"I've found that - but it's not with Mick, it's with Dan."

And what follows is complete silence. 

Everyone in the room is gobsmacked at the news. The only sound we hear for a solid chunk of time comes from Mike who contributes a couple of loud claps. 

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The vibe from everyone else in the room, including the experts, seems to be: "holy heck, someone else better address this"

The footage was originally posted to YouTube but appears to have been taken down in the hours since it went completely viral. 

You can take a peek at it here, however. 

We really don't know how... but the unedited version manages to make the big reveal even worse.

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo