Excuse Me, But Kim Kardashian Does Not Look Like This Anymore

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*calls hairdresser immediately* 

Any true Kardashian fan (and perhaps a few of you who aren't fans) know very well that the Kardashians change their look more often than they pop out kids.

But we still want to know about it the second it happens. Gotta keep up you know?

Kim is the most recent of the clan to head to the hairdressers and get the chop.

The reality star debuted a new, blunt cut bob today in Calabasas.

She also shared the new look to her millions of followers on Instagram using the 'baby filter' with daughter North.

It comes after the reality star was slammed for putting her newborn son, Psalm at risk.

Kim shared the first photo of baby Psalm West last week while many were excited for the name reveal, many eagle-eyed commenters were quick to point out their concerns over the newborn’s sleeping arrangement. 

While Psalm looks cosy and peaceful sleeping in a white blanket on a big, squishy cushion, several people have noted that his set-up could be deadly. 

“Rather concerned about the name. Rather more concerned about the mattressy pillow thing baby is sleeping on and the blankets covering the baby,”' wrote one, adding the hashtag #sids.

Image credit: Getty Images/John Shearer


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