Expert reveals the 'mistake' that's costing Harry and Will, big time

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Prince William Prince Harry Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

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It's no news to anyone that the public is interested in stories about the Royal Family - this right here is an example of that very truth. 

Since the death of Princess Diana, however, the relationship Prince William and Harry hold with the British media has been a precarious one. It has been said that they blame the press for their mother's death, after all. 

As a result, Harry and Wills have been famously unreceptive to media interest. know, isn't exactly surprising. 

Royal expert Marlene Koenig has spoken to about this approach, stating that she thinks it's a mistake.

“For them, this all goes back to Diana and their belief that the press killed her. But the truth is she was killed by a drunk driver and didn’t have her seatbelt on,” Koenig told the website.

According to Koening, remaining closed off to the tabloids only sees them print more stories, regardless of if they're based on truth or not.

“What they [Harry and Will] fail to realise is that the tabloid press, with little to go on, will feast on whatever they have and try to turn it into something awful, she said. 

"The British tabloids just go for the jugular. They don’t care about facts."

The author, who has written two books on the Royal Family, warns that if Harry and Will continue with their cagey manner it will only lead to more gossip:

“They should be more offering to the public, to the media, and issue more things particularly when it comes to how [Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis] are growing up, and how Meghan is getting on,” she continued.

“They certainly need to find a better balance than they have now, because the more you give, the less temptation there is to create stories."

You do have to admit, though, with the use of channels like Instagram Royal fans are getting a closer look inside the palace than ever before, so surely that is a step forward?

Image: Prince William Prince Harry Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo