Fans are sharing their fave Simpsons lines so time to share yours

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Our fave: "Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!" 

The Simpsons has been on-air for nearly 30 years now and has delivered killer line after killer line. The sheer amount of hilarious creativity that comes out of that show continues to astound.

If we were to pick our favourite line from the show, it would have to be the classic "stupid sexy Flanders" bit.

Like, how can you not laugh at this whole scene? It's just comedy perfection.

Given that there are literally thousands of fantastic Simpsons lines out there, comedian and writer Ben Jenkins decided to ask Twitter users to share their favourite Simpsons line reading with him.

And boy did fans deliver.

Some were the classics, like Homer's "and the lesson is never try" speech, and there were some that made us go "oh yeah, I remember that one!"

Honestly, it was the most entertaining walk down memory lane we've ever had and y'all better brace yourselves because it's going to be hella fun.

Now that was fun wasn't it?

Feel free to share some of your favourite Simpsons lines because we don't want the laughs to stop!

Image Credit: The Simpsons/Fox


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Written By Alexander Pan