Fans May Have Figured Out Who Is Chasing Arya Stark In New GoT Trailer And Holy Hell

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They brightened the footage to get a closer look

We’ve come to the sad and slightly irritating realisation that HBO isn’t going to give us much info about Season 8 of Game of Thrones. 

It took them months to drop the official trailer and even then it doesn’t give much away. It’s just a lot of our favourite characters in a lot of cool looking costumes looking concerned… a lot.

Call us greedy but two minutes of footage isn’t enough. Not to mention it’s too dark to see anything 80% of the time. 

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to figure things out about GoT’s final season. 

And by that, we mean we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do a Google search of the coolest things other people have figured out. 

We’ve been especially curious about what the hell Arya Stark is running from in the Season 8 trailer. Mainly because she’s a boss lady who doesn’t scare easily.

And we’re not the only curious ones it seems, because there’s a whole Reddit thread dedicated to the five seconds of footage. 

Reddit user FadedAndJaded enhanced an image of Arya running to try and get a better look at what/who is chasing her and the results are… pretty standard. 

It just looks like a normal person. Cool…

But stay with us, because there’s a THEORY about who the person could be that makes things spooky. 

Fans reckon it’s probably a white walker. But not just any white walker, ‘cause Arya Stark doesn’t run from no zombie. 

Peeps think it could be a white walker of one of Arya’s dead family members. It is pretty dark after all, which makes it likely she’s being chased in the family crypt. 

Which is, you know, where dead people are kept. 

Her father, Ned, and brother, Rob, are out of the question because they were both beheaded (sorry anyone who hasn’t watched that yet). 

Could it be her mother, Catelyn? Or her brother, Rickon? Or BOTH? 

We love a juicy GoT theory. 

Buuuut we gotta play devil’s advocate. 

We used our own expert deduction skills (read: analysis of the basic posture/hair/size of the shadow) and concluded that the person looks a lot like Jamie Lannister. 

Boring, human Jamie Lannister. 

That said, why would Jamie of all people be chasing Arya? And more importantly, why would she be running away from him?

Unless it's the twist of all twists and Jamie becomes a white walker?

So many questions! 

Now we know how Jon felt… 

Images: Game of Thrones / HBO, Giphy / Giphy. 


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