Former Bachie Babe Nikki Gogan Flashes New Ring, Internet Erupts

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It's not what you think!

If you cast your mind back to season four of The Bachelor, you should remember that the series ended with Richie Strahan choosing Alex Nation.

And while that was all well and good for them, it shattered the heart of sweet angel baby Nikki Gogan -- and the entire Australian population. 

Fast forward three years and your girl is happily loved up with Perth architect Bill Coe. Yay! 

The pair have been an item for about a year, and they seem to be going strong. So much so, that fans mistook one of Gogan's recent Insta posts for an engagement announcement. 

Taking to social media this week, the real estate professional posted a photo of her hand which was adorned with a white ring. While the post was an ad for Bankwest's payment ring, and technically it was a snap of the wrong hand, many thought the photo was about a much bigger announcement.

"I just held my breath for just a second....that pic without words got me," shared one user.  

"all you need is for Bill to put a ring on the other hand!" Said another. 

"Got us excited for a sec thinking it was an engagement," wrote a third.

Gogan took the time to respond to a number of the comments, hinting that although she and Coe are not quite there yet, an engagement is certainly not off the cards.

"wouldn't mind one of those [an engagement ring] either," she joked to one fan. 

"if and when the day comes Wen, you can expect a text first, at the very least!! Don't be waiting near the phone though," she told another commenter.

So, watch this space we guess. But also, no pressure, you guys!

Image: Instagram


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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo