This Game Of Thrones Star Isn't Allowed To Watch The Show Because She's "Too Young"

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Mum and Dad don't approve of certain scenes.

WARNING: Spoilers from episode three.

Bella Ramsey plays one of the youngest, tiniest, and the most badass characters on Game Of Thrones, Lyanna Mormont. She’s young Lady of Bear Island, the head of House Mormont and an all round little legend. 

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Lyanna Mormont suffered a brutal death from one of the Wildling’s giants (who became a white walker) in the Battle Of Winterfell. 

And since Ramsey is so young - she’s just 15 years old - we wondered whether she was allowed to watch her own gruesome death scene.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Ramsey revealed her parents didn't allow her to watch a lot of the episodes due to the nature of certain scenes.

You know the ones; torture, genitals being cut off, rats eating people. Fair enough. 

But since Lyanna’s death marked Ramsey’s departure from the show, she was allowed to watch it.

“I’ll probably watch it all when I’m 18.

“Even the episodes I have seen, there have been some parts where Mum and Dad just stand in front of me to block me seeing anything too gruesome on-screen.

“I was allowed to see myself being killed last Sunday, and I’ve watched a bit of season seven.”

Ramsey called her final scene as “heroic” and “a great death” as she saved lives by sacrificing her own.

The youngster was shoved away by the giant, however, pulled herself together and ran screaming towards him. She was then picked up by the giant, and before being squeezed to death she managed to stab it with dragon glass in the eye.

Game Of Thrones continues today with the fourth episode of the final season. The end is near, and we are not looking forward to it. 


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Written By Christina Cavaleri