Gogglebox Star Slams Angie Kent’s Behaviour On The Bachelorette

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"Oh my god, can we get on with it."

It’s no secret that The Bachelorette's Angie Kent was on Gogglebox before trying her luck at finding love.

She spent four years on the couch crying, laughing and judging Bachies before her run at the helm, but now? It's the current Gogglebox stars’ turn.

My, how the tables have turned. 

And it was Goggleboxer Di who threw massive shade at Angie. 

In the first episode of The Bachelorette, Angie described herself as a "Bachelorette up the top, bogan down the bottom" in reference to her stylish top and tracksuit pants.

Di , reacting to the episode,  looked annoyed said: 

"Darling, you’re bo-" before stopping and saying: "I won’t comment on that."

Catch up on the latest Fitzy & Wippa podcast:

Then, when Angie was chatting to Osher about being on the other side of the TV, Di said:

"Oh my God, can we get on with it!"

But Angie has a lot of loyal fans out there on social media and they came running to her defence:

As for the other Goggleboxers, they were less salty and showed their support for Angie with Adam saying:

"I’m glad she’s on this and not Married At First Sight."

Which, same.

Image: Network Ten

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Written By Christina Cavaleri

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