Hailey Bieber Casually Scratches Justin Bieber's Lamborghini And Same

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So relatable...

Hailey Bieber's marriage to husband Justin got off to an awkward start when she scratched the rims of his pink Lamborghini.

The couple celebrated its one-year anniversary with a second wedding ceremony in South Carolina on Monday, but the honeymoon period was short-lived after the 22-year-old model accidentally damaged her pop star groom's beloved vehicle.

Taking to his Instagram Story, Justin, 25, posted footage of himself playfully moaning about the damage to the car as his bride pulled a playful pout.

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"What did you do? What did you do? Aww, man," he groaned, as Hailey apologised with a smile and insisted she could "fix it".

While Hailey squatted down to observe the damage more closely, Sorry hitmaker Justin made it clear he wasn't mad with his spouse, adding, "You think you're freakin' cute and you have pigtails", before laughing as he played with her hair.

The pair first wed at an intimate New York courthouse ceremony in September, 2018, and decided to throw a bigger celebration this year to mark the anniversary with family and friends. 

Image: Instagram


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