ICYMI: The First Trailer For The Witcher Is Here And Yes, It Looks Epic

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Monster hunting Henry Cavill? Yes please. 

Netflix’s upcoming series The Witcher is based off a popular novel and video game series. But you don’t have to be into reading and gaming to like the show, because it looks pretty damn epic. 

Henry Cavill Fighting GIF by NETFLIX

The first trailer for The Witcher just dropped and not only does it feature Henry Cavill as a bad arse blonde (sometimes bloodied) monster fighter called Geralt of Rivia (what a name), but it also gives us some more insight into all the action. 

There will be fantasy, there will be powerful female leads, there will be magic and creepy monsters. 

Basically, it looks like a darker, better, hotter version of Merlin and we are so here for it. 

The Witcher Running GIF by NETFLIX

Check out the trailer below: 

Images: The Witcher / Netflix, Giphy / Giphy. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi

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