The Internet is going bonkers over an unusual ingredient used on Masterchef

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Have you heard of this before?

Monday night’s episode of Masterchef got fans talking a little more than usual and no, it’s not because Queen Nigella said something charming, causing us all to fall a little more in love with her. 

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Although she probably did do that, too.

What left fans buzzing this time around was the introduction of ruby chocolate to the episode’s challenge because, well… what the hell is ruby chocolate? 

Matt Preston explained:

“This is the first new chocolate in 82 years,” he said. 

“It has a fruity, berry-like flavour but there are no berries in it, there’s no colour in it; the colour and the flavour are all down to the beans themselves.” 

While fans were given a little background to the ingredient, they were still left curious about this shiny new type of chocolate and many of them took to Twitter to voice their interest: 

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Spice Girl Mel C throws shade at the other Spice Girls:

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo