Jenna Dewan comments on Channing Tatum's new (rumoured) relationship for the first time

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We love this. 

It's been a cool seven months since former #couplegoals Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced their divorce. 

And while it may still sting for us mere mortals, these guys have obviously had some more time to process the change because they're both moving on in what seems to be a healthy, amicable way. 

It was recently reported that Tatum had struck up a romance with musician Jessie J and one of the most common reactions to this seems to be fans stating that Tatum's new lady looks a lot like his ex-wife. 

Which must be fun for all involved.

As the Huffington Post has shared, comments have spilt over into Dewan's social media accounts and this drove one particularly dedicated fan to shut it down:

“FIRST OF ALL….whenever I hear of the ‘striking resemblance’ w/ Jessie J to Jenna Dewan only thoughts are ummmmm no,” she in the comments section of Dewan's Instagram account.

“Just trying to spread positive vibes, keep doing you…to an absolute outsider from a small town you are doing it seemlessly (sic)." 

Dewan obviously appreciated the words because she wrote back:

"Positive vibes all the way"

All class, right? 

Anyway, the World of Dance host has other things to keep her occupied...namely her new man - Tony-winning Broadway star Steve Kazee.

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo

"There’s no question they’re together.”

"She is a manipulator and it is time I tell her how it is."