Jessie J responds to comparisons between her and Jenna Dewan in the best way

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You tell them, Jessie!

It's been seven months since Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced that they're divorcing, and it seems like the former couple are moving on in a healthy, amicable way.

But ever since rumours started coming up about Channing and Jessie J being an item, people couldn't help but make comparisons between Jessie and Jenna, and how the two physically look very similar.

After weeks of that sort of talk, Jessie has finally responded to all these comparisons with a lengthy statement on Instagram.

And boy was it something else.

Refusing to entertain everyone (and herself) with the idea of being compared to another woman (and her rumoured boyfriend's ex at that), the singer delivered a powerful and passionate message on female empowerment, positivity, and self-love that sent shivers down our spine.

Reproducing her words just won't have the same effect so read them for yourself right here and get ready to be blown away.


Just, wow.

We had nothing but love for Jessie J before but now we have even more love for her (if that were possible).

It seems quite fitting that this message just came after Jenna sent "positive vibes" on Channing and Jessie's (rumoured) relationship.

Between Jessie's Instagram statement and Jenna's aforementioned "positive vibes" message, that's how you handle all that ridiculous "comparisons" talk while also delivering a fantastic message to women everywhere.

Images: Jessie J/Instagram


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Written By Alexander Pan