Jessika Admits Dan Dumped Her After Final MAFS Episode

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Was it all for nothing?

One of MAFS most controversial contestants, Jessika Power was at the dinner and she accidentally let a spoiler slip. 

Drum roll. The spoiler was that Daniel Webb dumped her after the filming of the last episode.

Dan and Jessika sparked up an affair while Webb was still married to fellow participant Tamara. The affair shocked her fellow participants so much that, according to Cameron Merchant, they became concerned for her mental health. 

According to Jess’ interview with, she said Dan was so upset by Jess admitting she was sexually attracted to fellow participant Nic Jovanovic, he ended their relationship.

But before you go thinking all the drama was for no reason, the break up only lasted a few days.

"Dan and I did have a little break after the reunion.

"He’d seen the video of me saying I was sexually attracted to Nic, and his ego was hurt. Dan already knew about the conversation between Nic and I, he just didn’t know the extent of it.

“He said, ‘Obviously we’re not together now.’

“And I said, ‘Whatever, I never got what I wanted out of this relationship anyway’. I was being a brat.

“Two days later Dan reached out to me again, and I realised how much I missed him. We had a bit of a break, and we’re at the best we could ever be right now.”

Jess confirmed things are going well with her and Dan and she still plans to move to the Gold Coast to be with him. 

The final reunion episode will air on Monday night, THREE MORE SLEEPS!


Things got a little chilly in the Fitzy and Wippa studio when previous MAFS contestant Dean Wells had it out with Mike on air:

Written By Christina Cavaleri

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