Jessika Power Forced To Defend Controversial Instagram Post

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Former MAFS contestant Jessika Power is back in headlines after posting a product boasting image on Instagram.

"As many of you know I’ve recently had a fat transfer and I’ve been struggling to tighten up the skin on my thighs where I had the fat removed," she began he post.

"... so the girls from @inluxxe sent me this skin tightening wand to help speed up the process. What’s actually left me surprised was the wand help reduced my cellulite and stretch marks I had on my hips and booty."

Jess went on to say she was "very happy" with the results and shared a discount code for any followers who wanted to purchase their own device.

Only thing is, it didn't go down so well.

"Give it up seriously," one user bluntly wrote.

Another added, "This s**t preys on the insecurity of women to sell a product. Just eat well and train, it’s proven to work lol fat transfer."

"She probably got sent it yesterday then strapped it on for the photo to immediately cash in on flogging it to gullible suckers," said yet another.

"Love [y]our journey but f**k this is so poor of you. I hope the freebies were worth it Just like the veneer post."

One user also pointed out the fact that Jess did not disclose the nature of the post:

"If this is a paid ad you should be disclosing it," they wrote, linking to an ABC post on the topic. 

But it wasn't all negative comments (and pervy messages, there are loads of those).

One user stood up for the former reality TV star writing:

"The negativity on this post is disgusting. She can post what ever she likes on her instagram account. Why shame someone for wanting to share their life with you. How can she show how well the product works if she has clothes on?! And the fact most of you are women bashing another woman?! You don’t need to bring someone else down because your [sic] a miserable person. Unfollow and jog on."

This isn't the first product Jess has spruiked on the 'gram.

She's also repped Diamond Kicks, a company that 'blings' shoes, personal sex toys, and Lumae skin.

You can read more on the guidelines for product spruikin' in Australia here.

Image: Instagram / Jessika Power

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Written By Ally Parker