Julia Morris reveals what she REALLY thinks about I'm A Celeb contestants

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"If there’s one thing I really am not, it’s impartial."

It's almost time for another season of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! and to help perk us up for another run of jungle madness, host Julia Morris has spilled the beans on her most... 'irksome' contestants.

Speaking to news.com.au, the comedian revealed her favourite (Brendan Fevola, Freddie Flintoff) and least favourite contestants.

The host explained that her favs were those who embraced the premise of the show (in all its nitty-gritty glory) with least favourite contestants being less involved and even walking, like Bernard Tomic.

"I think he [Tomic] thought it was going to be like a school camp," Julia told the publication.

"That we’d all be in cabins, ducking out at night and stealing biscuits. He was in there for literally 24 hours, and it was definitely a media story that went in many different directions when he walked. It brought up a number of subjects — depression, mental health issues. As someone who’s been very open about my mental health issues, I thought: ‘What are you doing on a reality show, mate? Because we didn’t do this to you in the last 24 hours.’ Even now I get passionate about it — oh my god, I get so angry about those two boys [Tomic and Anthony Mundine who also left prior to elimination]."

"They blew their chance. We’re over you now, we want to see new people," she continued.

"If there’s one thing I really am not, it’s impartial. I have a physical issue in that I wear a lot of brain on face. The people I have opposing views to are going to be the best fodder for my comedy. Then there’s other people like Keira (Maguire) who I have very strong feelings about when they’re in the jungle, then as I get to know them — as I have done specifically with Keira — I adore her. What I like is authenticity, that’s what trips my trigger. If people are going to be real, then I am right in their corner. If they’re going to be badly behaved? I have NEVER acted like that. I expect a certain standard of behaviour, and if they don’t live up to it, I’ll cut ’em."

The interview comes after the first celebrities for the 2019 season were announced as Gogglebox stars Angie Kent and Yvie Jones.

Other suspected contestants are Rhonda Burchmore and Married At First Sight's Nasser Sultan. But honestly? It could be anyone; we'll still be watching.

I'm A Celeb premieres Sunday 7:30pm on Channel 10.

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