Keira Maguire looks unrecognisable in photos taken before her $35k makeover

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It's Keira like you've never seen her before!

She’s been honest about her thousands of dollars worth of surgery, and now photos of Keira Maguire from before her makeover have been released and the former reality star is totally unrecognisable.

The Daily Mail has gotten hold of some photos from when Keira had yet to go under the knife and she looks so incredibly different. Check out all the pics here.

Maguire looks nothing like her current self and even sports much darker brunette locks. 

Her lips are also noticeably less plump while she had yet to upgrade her A cup size bust to the C cups she got earlier this year. 

Keira Maguire

Keira previously spoke about to NW magazine about how she spent $35,000 on changing her looks, saying she “always wanted to be perfect”. 

She explained that she was motivated to go under the knife after seeing herself on TV:

“The first night I watched the show I was sitting there like, ‘Ew, this is f****d,’ My nose is just so bad on camera.”

As well as the surgery, Keira has had laser skin treatments, vampire facials, botox, lip fillers and eyebrow tattoos. 

Recently, Keira took to Instagram to share a Story in which she looked like a completely different person. At the time, the Daily Mail reported that they believed she had additional facial fillers and injections. The angle of her jaw also appeared to have changed and her lips were noticeably bigger. 


Images: Getty/Matrix/Contributor, Keira Maguire/Instagram, Channel 10

Written By Marni Dixit
Images: Focus Features

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