Kim Kardashian’s Photoshop Fail Leaves Fans In Hysterics

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Thumbs way down. 

As far as Photoshop fails go, the Kardashian/Jenner clan have given us some doozies. 

Like the time Kris Jenner’s foot was edited out of the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. Or when Khloe accidentally gave herself 14 fingers

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While we've come to expect a spot of FaceTune on their pics, fans weren’t ready to deal with Kim Kardashian’s latest editing efforts. 

Kimmy posts a promo shot of her latest collab with sister Kylie Jenner, and fans were quick to point out her weird AF thumb: 

“I’m so excited for my first ever @kkwfragrance collab with @kyliejenner!” Kim captioned the snap.

Followers were more interested in the fact that her thumb is legit the same length as her fingers.

“Why is her thumb the same size as the rest of her fingers?” one observed. 

Another fan added:  “Look at Kim’s hand, it looks off.”

While some fans bickered over whether Kim’s hand is a result of an epic Photoshop fail, others reckon it’s the real deal, with one writing: “That’s the same with my hands my thumbs [are] long.”

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Written By Brynn Davies