Kristen Bell shared wedding photo with Dax Shepard for the first time ever

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We finally get to see what Kristen Bell looked like when she tied the knot with Dax Shepard

We love Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard for their down-to-earth vibes (remember their music video about Africa?). And Kristen’s new interview aired on US show CBS Sunday Morning further reinforced their laidback ‘tude.

Three years after the fact, the actress finally showed the world what she looked when she got hitched to Dax. Turns out, Kristen didn't wear a wedding dress, or even get her hair and makeup done for the big day. But at least Dax wore a suit. This is them:


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The couple kept it real and got hitched inside the Beverly Hills Courthouse in 2013. In the new interview, Kristen described the $190 day as one of the best of her life. 

Kristen also shared a photo of them looking adorable as they signed their marriage license:  


And this is them still looking adorable and staring into each other's eyes: 


In the interview, Kristen also talked about Dax’s former addiction, which they’ve both chatted about before in the media. She began to cry when she explained how Dax has been sober for almost 12 years after battling his addiction. 

"He knows how many times he's messed up and how many times he's been really close to losing everything."

Earlier this year, Dax dropped a major truth bomb about where he believes his addiction issues originated from. Chatting on The Jason Ellis Showhe told the host he was molested by his 18-year-old neighbour when he was seven years old.

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“"It was minimal. It wasn’t anything like what you recounted. But even at that, it took me 12 years to tell anyone that. And then all that time, I was like, a) it’s my fault, as generic as that is … and I’m gay, I must have manifested this because I’m secretly gay. I had all these insane thoughts for 11 years or 12 years."

#Heavy. We're rooting for Kristen and Dax. 

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar