Lauren Brant and Barry Hall announce pregnancy

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It seems like today is all about cute babies.

First Kris Smith and Sarah Boulazeris welcomed their first baby, and now Lauren Brant and Barry Hall have announced that they're expecting their second bub!

In a new interview with WHO, Lauren revealed that she and Barry have been trying for a while and she's currently 15 weeks along.

“Yes, we’re 15 weeks pregnant! We have been trying for a baby so it’s great news, it’s a good time to give little Miller a little sibling.

“It was a bit stressful trying initially but everyone’s advice about not trying is good, because as soon as we stopped thinking about it, we got pregnant."

As for whether she can reveal whether little Miller will be getting a new brother or sister, Lauren happily revealed that she and Barry are expecting a *drumroll* ... boy!

“It’s a boy. I really wanted to have another boy, so he can play with Miller.”

Lauren and Barry's new bub will make his way into the world on June 1, 2019, which gives them plenty of time to prep for their new little one's arrival.

Barry is also particularly stoked that Miller will be getting a little brother:

“Hopefully they can entertain each other. We’ve always had four kids planned, we’re so excited to have baby number two, but we’re super busy with Miller too.”

A big, big, big congratulations to Lauren and Barry!

Image Credit: Lauren Brant/Instagram


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