Love Island Contestants Have To Follow Strict Rules About Sex, Alcohol, And Bed Times

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It's adult kindergarten. 

Reality television is a hot mess a lot of the time. It's basically a bunch of adults running a ruckus in a mansion/on an island/at a dinner party. 

There's often alcohol and some sort of drama going down. 

What we didn't realise is that there's also lots of rules. And we're not talking about basic "don't be an arse" kind of rules, we mean things like alcohol restrictions and curfews. 

Contestants on Love Island - the latest reality show to hit Aussie screens - are subject to some pretty strict living conditions. 

Apparently, producers control the contestants' bed times. 

Like on Big Brother, the contestants on Love Island sleep in one big bedroom which means lots of saucy goings on and no privacy. The producers also control the lighting in this room which means they have the power over when Islanders can sleep. 

Former contestant, Elias Chigros told "The hardest thing for me was at night they didn’t turn the lights off until everyone was in bed.

"I’m a big sleeper so I would be lying there to all hours with fluorescent lights, [thinking] like kill me, turn the lights off.

"Things like that, that was the biggest mental game for me, just dealing with so much authority. It was like being a child again and I haven’t had that since I was 16," he said.

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There are also alcohol restrictions. 

Love Island's executive producer, Alex Mavroidakis, told Nine last year that the contestants are allowed to drink some alcohol but the amount is closely moderated by the crew members on set.

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When it comes to sex, it's all about consent. Contestants can sleep together but producers make sure both people consent to sleeping together and that they use protection. 

TBH, this is a good rule. An important rule. We like this rule. 

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There are other little rules Love Island contestants must abide by, including being observed by a psychologist, not leaving the villa, not talking to crew members, and not using their phones or the internet to contact the outside world. 

It's a tough life being a reality TV star, but you gots to do what you gots to do, we guess. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi

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