MAFS' Mick Slams The Reality Show Saying 'I Wish I Never Did The Bloody Thing'

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Jess and Mick MAFS

"You get treated like an absolute idiot with no compensation and the show doesn't even look after you."

Married At First Sight star Mick Gould has slammed the reality show during an interview with The Gympie Times, saying, "It was a three-month waste of my life."

The farmer was forced to live in Sydney for the duration of the show, which he described as an absolute "s***hole".

"That's the biggest thing that pisses me off because it was a three-month waste of my life."

"You get treated like an absolute idiot with no compensation and the show doesn't even look after you. The amount of times I called my best mate Broxy and he's like 'what happened to ya? You're just a shell of your former self, where's Mick, the excitable bloke?'

"I like to think I'm pretty mentally tough, but the amount of times you come close to breaking down because they treat you like bloody idiots."

The only reason he was on the show was because he was told by producers it was a "fair dinkum" way to find love.

"Three months later, I wish I never did the bloody thing. It was like anything. You get promised one thing and what you get given is the complete opposite."

He did say, however, that most of the contestants were "good people", but also added:

"A lot of them were there for ulterior motives, with some being plastic and that sort of jazz."

Mick also told the publication that he thanked his lucky stars he wasn't legally married to Jessika Power. 

"I could tell by the third and fourth day that it was all about her. I think Australia has spoken as to her behaviour and the lack thereof manners. Nothing happened between her and I."

"She was batting eyelids at a few of the boys early on, hitting up another bloke and ending up with another bloke. Jessika is as thick as two short planks."

Come on, Mick, tell us what you really think! 

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Written By Marni Dixit

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