Married At First Sight's Tracey FINALLY confronts Dean

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Tracey MAFS

Could this be the beginning of the end?

Despite the fact Married At First Sight’s Dean cheated on Tracey and then tried to offer her up to the other men in the experiment, the couple seemed to have been one of the few couples who we thought would stay together at the end of the experiment – purely because Tracey seemed to get over all the wrong Dean did very quickly. 

However, it seems all the issues that have come up during their time together have been playing on Tracey’s mind, and during their last date on a boat, she finally brings the issues up.

Dean responds that it’s “a bit of a surprise to be honest” given he didn’t “didn’t really cheat” with Davina and “nothing happened”. Tracey’s having none of it and tells him:

“Just because you didn’t sleep with someone, doesn’t mean that’s not cheating, it’s called emotional cheating.”

Tracey reveals that it’s “just dawned on her” what he did – honey, literally everyone tried to tell you he wasn’t good for the past few weeks and you didn’t listen! But hey, we’re just glad she’s standing up for herself now at least. 

“I just haven’t had a chance to tell you how I’m really feeling because there’s just always another fight we have to put out all the time.”

“To be honest, I don’t have to make it up to you, or commit to you, because of how you’ve been this whole time.”

Dean apologises, seemingly sincerely, but Tracey tells him she can’t go on not knowing if she can trust him and worrying that she’s going to get hurt again.


Tracey tells him she needed a grand gesture of commitment from him before making her decision on whether to stay with him post-experiment.

“After everything you’ve put me through, that’s what I expect right now… I need that reassurance and that commitment. I deserve that.”

Dean wonders how she can’t see that he’s committed after he took her out on a boat… Um, a boat doesn’t equate to commitment Dean!

“I feel like I’ve tried to prove to you that I am here for you. I’m completely capable of committing and call it whatever you want with Davina, and I’m not trying to justify it, but I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t 100 per cent committed at that time. And I’ve hung in there and I’ve given this a chance, I’m so glad I have, and you mean everything to me.”

He tells the cameras he’s feeling as though he’s in love with her and wants her to know that they should be staying together post-experiment. 

“I know you and I have something really, really, really strong and I think it would be crazy to throw that away over a few little incidents that have happened in this experiment. Throw something amazing away for all these stupid little things that don’t really matter.”

Tracey tearfully tells him they matter to her, but he tries to convince her that in the long run, everything that he’s done wrong is insignificant. She explains that they don’t feel that way to her and they are significant because she has to make the decision now. 

She questions if he’s actually ready for a committed relationship and asks how she can know he’s ready, he tells her:

“I’m here to prove to you that we’re right for each other. I’m looking for a partner to have kids with. I want my wife to be there for our kids and taking care of our kids… I’ll be there as well, but my wife would definitely be very responsible for raising the children and I think that’s the right way for it to be done.”

Oddly enough, this brings Tracey around as she smiles, telling him it’s very reassuring to hear, because she’s also very old fashioned and wants to be a stay-at-home mum for the first few years. 

Dean tells her that if they make the decision to stay she has nothing to worry about. 

Aaaand just like that he’s turned everything around in his favour. 

We totally think these two will stay together post-experiment, and maybe they'll actually have those babies... soon. 

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