Meghan Markle Hounded By Mummy Shamers For ‘Abandoning’ Archie

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“What mother leaves a four month old baby, supposedly breastfeeding?”

Meghan Markle can’t catch a break from mummy shamers.

After being slammed over picks which depict her awkwardly holding baby Archie, Megs is now feeling the heat from trolls for a totally different reason.

ICYMI, Meghan is currently in New York supporting her BFF Serena Williams who’s competing in the US Open.

But while she’s off being a great bestie, the internet is fired up over her parenting, furious that she would leave her four-month-old son at home.

Considering Archie has his dad Harry and literally a mansion full of staff and a nanny to take care of him, the angry comments flooding the royal’s official Instagram seem a bit far fetched.

“What kind of mother leaves their four4- month- old baby at home to go and watch the US open final which can easily be watched on tv?” wrote one user.

"What mother leaves a four- month- old baby, supposedly breastfeeding, to go on a little jolly,” said one user, while another wrote “Why you abandon your child so soon?”

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Even the Daily Mail weighed in, publishing a whole opinion piece on the debacle. 
“Even I would have thought twice about leaving my firstborn at home at the tender age of just four months in order to fly 3,500 miles to watch Serena Williams play in the US Open final,” wrote Sarah Vine. 
“Quite apart from the fact it would have been highly impractical (I was still breastfeeding), it would have been a huge emotional wrench.”
Look, it’s not like she’s left Archie alone with a week’s worth of baby food and the Netflix password. We’re certain he’s perfectly fine and Megs is missing him terribly. Now leave the woman alone to enjoy her damn tennis. 
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