Millie Bobby Brown's Skincare Tutorial Is Being Roasted Online And We're Crying

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“What is she using?? Air????”

We all know that celebrities who release skincare lines probs never use their own products.

Let’s be real - does anyone actually believe Kylie Jenner uses her own $15 cleanser when she could afford something with gold flakes and mermaid DNA in it?

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ICYMI, Millie Bobby Brown is releasing a vegan skincare range for teens called Florence by Mills, named after her great-grandmother.

In a now-deleted Instagram tutorial, Millie filmed herself applying the products in her "quick and easy" night-time skincare routine, using her brand of face mist, scrub, face wash, moisturiser, and lip oil.

Only… the internet is pretty sure she didn’t actually apply ANY of them.

Check out the footage which is still up on YouTube:

Catch up on the latest Smallzy’s Surgery podcast:


At no point can we spot any product on her hands or face, and there’s no discernable lather or shiny areas where she’s supposedly rubbing the products into her skin.

Fans have even gone so far as to suggest the bottles of product she’s squeezing are empty.

"Is it me or did she really use the products on her face? Her eye makeup is still on," wrote one person. "Was this a mock application?” questioned another.

"Why is she not using the products?? Why isn’t she putting anything on her face??? This is so weird!! Please explain @milliebobbybrown," commented one confused sod.

Another pointed out "How did you wash your face twice but your face is still dry?

“She’s just rubbing her face with her dry hands…. 10/10 for the act though.”

And there you have it - another celebrity who doesn’t actually use their own skincare products.

Surprise surprise.


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Written By Brynn Davies