Monique’s $25,000 Plastic Surgery Transformation For The Bachelor

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Giving the MAFS stars a run for their money. 


While you’re all busy watching The Bachelor go O-F-F this season, here’s some tea to sip in the many ad breaks. 

Last week we unearthed some pics of Monique Morley which show her top-to-toe transformation in the years preceding her appearance on The Bachelor, including images from 2015 which show a completely different look:


Now, Daily Mail Australia report that the Bachie hopeful has had an eye-watering $25,000 worth of cosmetic surgery to achieve the blonde bombshell look.

The publication report that she’s previously admitted to undergoing a breast augmentation in her early 20s, and have obtained pic of Mon during recovery from the surgery. 

The publication - and New Idea to boot - explains that the 26-year-old has also had her lips and cheeks “regularly” plumped with filler, as well as frequent Botox treatments.


According to a source who spoke with the Daily Mail, Monique’s treatments cost her “thousands of dollars per year”. 

We’re just chillin’ here on the couch daydreaming of all the cool dates we could take ourselves on if we had $25K.

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Written By Brynn Davies