Netflix confirms season 3 of '13 Reasons Why' in an eerie trailer

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WARNING: Spoilers inside

It’s official.

So get ready for your binge watching session, because we crammed in season 2 in about two days. 

There was talk and rumours that started to swirl but Netflix have confirmed there will be a season 3. 

Netflix made the announcement by dropping an eerie video of someone opening their locker and the door has the number ‘3’ graffitied on the front.  

We’re sure parents everywhere will have something to say about this decision.

There was uproar after the second season aired as there was images of drug use and a graphic sexual assault scene.


We know the story will continue on from the cliffhanger ending of season two where Tyler's high school massacre attempt is stopped by Clay Jensen, before police arrive and he escapes with Tony.

The finale left a number of questions marks over where the plot can go in season three. 

One thing we do know, however, is that central character Hannah Baker, who commits suicide in season one, will not return in season three. 

Season 2 she was a pivotal character, coming back into Clay’s life as a ghost/voice/spirit. 

According to Netflix, production on Season 3 will start up later this year, and we can expect the new season to start streaming sometime in 2019.

Image credit: Netflix/13 Reasons Why


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