Nichole Claims This Is The Real Reason She Chucked A Tanty On Bachie

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Alrighty then.

Last night's Bachie saw the first real tanty.

How we know it's the first real tanty? Oh, just this little one liner:

"She’s just a blonde f***ing bitch with a tan. I’m over it!”

For those who perhaps missed the episode, the dummy spit was provided by Nichole, after discovering that Monique was getting precious one-on-one time with Matt despite the fact Nichole had listed about 20 of the sports she has ever played.

Nichole then kinda lost it when Monique was offered a rose (a non-broken one, unlike Nichole's) and a single date card:

“It’s f***ing bullshit. I’m f***ing over it," she began.

"It’s not like I actually care, I honestly don’t. F**k it. I’m f***ing over it. I don’t give a f**k. She’s just a blonde f***ing bitch with a tan. I’m over it!”

Since then, the 23-year-old has spoken with NW magazine now insists that the whole thing "had nothing to do with jealousy".  

"It was more being upset that me and Monique were getting categorised and being told that all we are is blonde blue-eyed girls," she explained.

"And I know that both of us are more than that, that's what got me so worked up."

An explanation which yes, still rings a lot like jealousy, we know.

Image: The Bachelor / Channel Ten

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Written By Ally Parker