Nicolas Cage Can Grow A Beard And He Wants Everyone To Know It

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You'd think when promoting their own films celebs would want to be seen clearly on the red carpet. 

Actually, it’s amazing the lengths some celebs go to in order to get all the publicity they can squeeze out of one length of carpet. But not Nicolas Cage. Oh no, he's decided to cover his entire face at the screening for his latest film Running with the Devil.

The Academy Award-winning actor showed off a new beard which takes up legit three-quarters of his face. He then sported a large fedora to cover the last quarter. As you do. 

Hello Nicolas Cage? Are you in there?

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The don’t-look-at-me vibe is a bit of a shock for Cage fans around the world, who are used to him having a more groomed look. 

Running with the Devil is Nicolas' upcoming action thriller about the CEO of a cartel who sends his most trusted henchman and master drug trafficker to uncover why his shipments of cocaine are being hijacked on the supply chain. 

Image: F Sadou/AdMedia/Sipa USA and Danny Moloshok via AAP

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Written By Christina Cavaleri

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